Azim Premji donates Rs 1125 crores to the COVID-19 relief

Azim Premji donates Rs 1125 crores, The novel coronavirus has caused plunder around the world. With oil prices hitting 0$ to the crashing of stock markets this virus has caused a lot of damage to the economies around the world. In these situations, it is expected that the wealthy people of the society donate for the sake of the less fortunate. According to data given by Forbes around 77 billionaires around the globe have donated to the COVID-19 relief.

Azim Premji donates rs 1125 crores-NewsORB360

Coming in the top three donators and the only Indian in the list Azim Premji (chairman of IT giant Wipro) also knows as the Czar of the Indian IT industry and one of the biggest business tycoons in India has committed rupees 1125 Cr to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. With Wipro Ltd committing Rs 100 Cr, Wipro enterprises Ltd committing Rs 25 Cr and Azim Premji Foundations committing Rs 1000 Cr towards tackling of the unprecedented crisis arising from the Novel coronavirus. These sums are in addition to the annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of Wipro and the usual philanthropic spending of the Azim Premji foundations. This money will be used for helping medical facilities and service fellowship in the frontline battle against the virus. He is the only Indian to be the top ten biggest donators released by Fortune. While Twitter’s CEO ack Dorsey sits atop the list with a $1 billion donation, Meanwhile, Melinda Gates and Bill Gates stand second with $255 million, and coming up on third is the Indian industrialist Azim Premji with $150 million.

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