Can’t Get Over Prateek Kuhad? Here Are 10 Underrated Indie Musician To Listen To

Indie Musician, A playlist filled to the brim with songs easy like the murmur of sombre, earthly zephyr on a sunny morning in lucid words that strike your heartstrings like a lyre; just at once. Tranquilizing melodies and dainty lyrics that grow on you are every indie music lover’s death wish.

Unfortunately, not being an EDM or Pop lover leaves you with a limited set of songs in your playlist. Fret not! Here’s a list of 10 underrated indie artists that you need to check out if you’re in love with Prateek Kuhad’s warm, mellow harmonies.

  1. Ditty

Indie Musician, Aditi Veena aka Ditty is a Goa-based singer-songwriter signed with Pagal Haina records. An urban ecologist by day and a musician by night, her folk-tinged songs reflect an organic and earthly quality reflecting her firm belief in music as a tool for change.

She creates songs that can put you in a groovy mood just as easily as a slow trance, with tunes that will stay glued to your mind even after they’re done playing. She has released an EP & an album — ‘Mumblings’ in 2014, and her latest album – ‘Poetry Ceylon’ & a single ‘Deathcab’ – last year.

Lend an ear to Ditty’s ‘Deathcab’ here:

  1. Parekh & Singh

Parekh & Singh are a dream pop duo that hails from the city of Kolkata. The duo consists of vocalist & guitarist Nischay Parekh and percussionist & drummer Jivraj Singh.

There’s an ever-present charm in the songs by Parekh & Singh that makes you listen to them over & over again, especially the heart-melting and very popular ‘I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll’ and ‘Ocean’. But my favourite pick has to be ‘Ghost’, which will perhaps never cease to get me so adroitly every time I hit play.

Listen to ‘Ghost’ here:

  1. Dhruv Bhola

Indie Musician, Bhola is a major driving force behind a lot of indie musicians & acts today – Begum, Ditty, & Run it’s the Kid – to name a few. Apart from these, he has also played for Prateek Kuhad, but the best of his works is encased in his solo project — Bowls.

With Bowls, the vibe is slow & moody, and his first EP ‘Shed Winter’ is just the set of songs to spend a languid day in bed with, especially ‘Jaded’.

Check out ‘Jaded’ by Bowls here:

  1. Easy Wanderlings

This Pune-based band started off anonymously hoping the audience would concentrate on their music. The band’s forte lies in their storytelling, which is both quiet and majestic, carrying a certain kind of mystique around that will strangely compel you to garner a sense of belongingness towards it.

Listen to Easy Wanderlings’ most popular piece here:

  1. Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

Indie Musician, Bubbly and whimsical, Sanjeeta has been a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She is a Delhi-based singer-songwriter trained in Indian classical music, and a multilingual genius who sings in English, French, Spanish and even Portuguese.

She has released three singles so far — ‘I Will Wait’, ‘Natsukashii’ & ‘Shams’. Everything she sings & says feels like it is being spoken to you explicitly. The love, friendship and respect that protagonists Shams & Rumi in the Elif Shafak novel ‘40 Rules Of Love’ had for each other inspired her musical piece ‘Shams’ which is a popular favourite among her patrons.

Check out ‘Shams’ here:

  1. Shantanu Pandit

Shantanu Pandit is a Delhi-based singer songwriter who describes his craft as ‘quiet, organic folk music’. His songs have a sense of comfort in the lo-fi aesthetic they bring along & will effortlessly create a pensive mood the very first time you play them, and his dreamily thoughtful, often wistful lyrics will help you sail past troubling times.

Shantanu’s music is surely slow in nature, but will grow on you just as fast. Morning Mourning is his moniker, under which he has released a set of seven tracks called ‘Is This Biodegradable’, and is that perfect album you could play in the background whenever you ruminate over the life experiences that have hit you hard.

Contemplate over Morning Mourning’s This Winter here:

  1. Raghav Meattle

Raghav Meattle is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. Raghav was a semi-finalist in The Stage 2, which happens to be India’s first English singing reality TV show.

His debut album, ‘Songs From A Matchbox’ is about coming to terms with the realities of existence. In his latest single ‘City Life’ he talks about how the city is this dusty bowl he wakes up to every single day, wondering why he hasn’t left it yet, and what makes it so special for him. It has been filmed on a Kodak Super 8, and gives the song a vintage mood, the kind that Raghav’s ode to Bombay truly deserves.

Peep into Raghav’s Bombay here:

  1. Hanita Bhambri

Indie Musician, This New Delhi-based artist’s music can be described as a combination of hard-hitting vocals combined with honest and optimistic lyrics. Her calm voice is the perfect complement to pouring rain & a cup of freshly brewed tea. Through the stories narrated in songs, Bhambri slides you down the pit of contemplations & makes you reflect upon your predicaments about love and loneliness.

In 2019, Vogue catalogued her in their list of ‘Top 10 Female Musicians to Know in 2019’. Her latest release ‘Bored As Fuck’ is a therapeutic experience that inspires you to walk away from unhealthy friendships that debilitate you.

Lend an ear to Hanita’s melodious advisory ‘Bored As Fuck’ here:

  1. Taba Chake

This finger-style guitarist, singer-songwriter hails from a Nyishi tribal family in Arunachal Pradesh has a very fresh take with his tunes. He is known for his distinct vocals, lyrics & percussive performance style. Inspired by tribal folklores and his love for the wilderness, his melodious beats make us daydream about that one vacation we went on ages ago & still wish to relive.

Both ‘Walk with Me’ & ‘Shaayad’ are adorned with beautiful lyrics amidst an equally mesmerising musical landscape.

Tap your feet to Taba’s  ‘Walk with Me’ here:

  1. Saby Singh

This artist hailing from Kashmir has his own style of music. A combination of blues with indie-pop, his wistful & gripping songs will make you want to sing your lungs out at into the emptiness of the night.

The lyrics of his song ‘Kya Baat Jo Benaquab Ho’: “Chalna to gunaah hai is daudh me, rukna na manzoor hai is haudh me. Kaise hain sambhale hue kamaal hai, kehne ko to aazaad hain kya chaal hai” are a beautiful camaraderie of words.

Listen to Saby’s ‘Pehchaan’ here:

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