India is one among the 179 countries who have co-sponsored a UN General Assembly resolution that mentions a fair, transparent and equitable access to medical resources and future vaccines developed against the coronavirus. It should be noted that the virus has taken more than 1.7 lakhs lives all around the world. Gaining support from the US, it is the second draft to be adopted by the General Assembly on the coronavirus outbreak. Pakistan did not sponsor the resolution.


The General Assembly consists of 193 members. On 20th April 2020, the council adopted the resolution “International cooperation to ensure global access to medicines, vaccines and medical equipment to face COVID-19” drafted by Mexico through a consensus.

The resolution calls for ensuring, “fair, transparent, equitable, efficient and timely access to and distribution of preventive tools, laboratory testing, reagents and supporting materials, essential medical supplies, new diagnostics, drugs and future COVID-19 vaccines” to each and every country.

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General said that he salutes India and such nations for providing help to other countries which took a toll due to the crashing pandemic. India has sent necessary medicinal supplies and drugs like hydroxychloroquine to many nations like Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, The Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.


Pakistan sent its vote to President of the General Assembly Tijjani Muhammad Bande regarding the resolution wording, “We regret that the draft resolution could not include a reference to ensure access to information, preventive and other health care for all persons arbitrarily deprived of their liberty especially those in regions under foreign occupation.”

Trump government has been consistently criticizing the World Health Organization (WHO) for its management of the virus. This recent resolution acknowledges WHO’s effort as a “crucial leading role”. It also takes into account the importance of international cooperation and solidarity along with effective materialism in helping all the virus struck countries by ensuring access to the flow of vital supplies and measures.

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