Every person wants picture-perfect flawless skin and I think a lot of us go to great lengths and spend a great deal of money when trying to achieve it. I think a lot of times we go out looking for these complicated solutions thinking it’s going to be a fix to our complicated problems. When in fact the solution tends to be quite simple. Here are some tips to keep your skin clear and glowing.

Accept and honour
Above all learn to love your skin! So if you have beauty marks, natural discolourations, a dark complexion, a light complexion it doesn’t matter own it. It’s you and therefore it’s beautiful. So focus on the things you can change and honour the things you can’t.

Nutrition is key
Health and glowing skin primarily comes from the inside and not from the outside, so you may have heard a lot of people say that vitamin or minerals supplements can help with achieving clear complexion whereas other people might say certain food ingredients as cucumber, mint, lemon and berries help with achieving clear skin. But any amount of compounds or small group of food ingredients can’t help us to achieve the clear complexion what will work is that your nutrition and your diet as a whole is what determines the health and vitality of your skin. More wholesome food that you eat the clear your skin will be. It’s obvious no single supplement or certain food ingredient can offer the complex nature of nutrients and antioxidants that can be found in a variety of plant-based foods that you can enjoy.

Stay hydrated

Some will say detox tea others will recommend vitamin-infused waters but just like nutrition don’t let any of these quick-fix solutions fool you. So again the focus is to look at overall hydration the question comes down to, are you getting enough fluids? This can be in the form of water, soups, smoothies, tea and fruits. If you don’t think you’re staying hydrated enough, making sure you do it certainly going to help you in your journey towards achieving clear skin.

Maintain gut health

Most beauty care manufacturers will try to convince us that our skin issues are results of the isolated external problem that can be easily remedied by some kind of lotion or product that they sell. They are all lies, healthy and glowing skin primarily comes from within. So an integral part of skin health is gut health. So this means happy intestines. So making sure that you eat foods that are high in fibre like fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, flaxes, in addition, to make sure we get a healthy dose of probiotics like yoghurts and fermented foods is not healthy only for the gut but so for the skin.

Sweat it out

It should come as no surprise that sweating and regular physical activity collectively helps with a complexion as well. As we exercise we increase blood flow to all areas of our body and skin is included in that too. So with increase blood flow means increased oxygen and nutrients delivered to cells and it’s also an opportunity for cells to get rid off any toxins or cellulose. So more physical activity means healthier skin.

Decrease stress

Exercise helps not only to increase blood flow but also helps to decrease stress. And we all know how much more our skin can breakout when we are going through stressful times. So the question to be answered is asking your self is, am I experiencing stress? And if so, what I can be able to do to bring some calmness in my life? Best you can do at this stage is to spend time in nature or time spend with family and friends. Some kind of self-care ritual is good, whatever suits you take the time to bring some calmness in your life to decrease the stress.
Give it time.

Just be patient and wait for your skin to readjust the changes you have made inside out. It will take time up to a week or two to show the results but eventually as you’ll be consistent it will be maintained. By eating healthy for few days will not give you the desired glow and clear skin you’ll have to cherish it in every possible time and way. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and exercise.

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