You might have heard a lot of people telling you that “Artificial Intelligence” is what will dominate the future. Have you ever wondered why though? Before we come to that, let us understand what artificial intelligence is in the first place. Artificial intelligence is basically making a computer think like a human or as some people say, make it even smarter. This is done through a set of complex algorithms that make the computer as smart as a human brain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future-NewsORB36

In today’s world in which everything we use contains data, there is a huge need for someone to process it which outpaces our ability to observe or in other words, make the decision, AI is what is needed. In the future, AI will govern everything we do, from our phone calls to how the food we eat is made to how the money of an entire nation circulates. It has been predicted that most jobs like doctors, laborers even cooks are going to replaced by AI and it doesn’t end there. Scientists are even trying to give emotions to AI which will make them not much different from humans. Manual labor will become non- existent. The only jobs which will survive are politicians and those related to the AI industry. AI will make a huge change in the world affecting billions, so its best you get ready for a world where everything would be automated and you might not even have to lift a finger to do something.

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