Four More Shots Please: Why is it being criticized so much?

Four More Shots Please streaming on Amazon prime is a tale about four unapologetically flawed, strong and bold women who are seeking to grow in a patriarchal society.


Four More Shots Please tries to pull off the stereotypical curtain that has been covering the Indian women for a long time. The leading characters Anjana ( Kirti Kulhari), Damini (Sayani Gupta), Umang (Bani J) and Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo) are found to be exploring their worlds and enjoying their lives in all ways possible yet trying to fight against their personal life problems. In season one these four women are found to be having fun and random intercourses with guys in order to show that it is not at all weird for females to have such random intercourses. Up till here, the story appears to be fine then why is the show attracting so much of criticism?


Anjana appeared as a single mother who got divorced recently and is trying her level best to come out of it, yet she is not happy that her husband moved on with a lady and this invited a lot of criticism by the audiences. Damini who is a journalist lives a very lavish life and is often found to be defining feminism to be men v/s women thing. Umang is a character liked by all as she appeared to be bisexual and has shown up to promote the LGBTQ. Siddhi has played a very important role, she is often found concerned about her body and people body-shaming her, yet she comes out of it and gains confidence and hence she was liked by the audiences. In a lot of parts, all these four women have appeared to be doing things which has nothing to do with feminism but only shows them to be some spoiled women hitting on men with some vulgar labels. Critics also say that one must learn from their mistakes but it is nowhere shown in the show. Season two basically revolves around Siddhi and reunion of the four, it is more of a season starting with Siddhi and ending with her. Four More Shots Please, The second season is quite similar to the first with the females dealing with the same old drama they dealt with in the first season.

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