8 series and movies that represented the LGBTQ+ community with flying colours of Rainbow!

Representation is a form of flattery and acceptance. And in the 21st century, the best form of representation is in movies and series. With several revolutions against social evils like racism and homophobia, the best way to impress upon the youth values like equality and humanity can be done through works of art like movies and books. Let’s jump right into a list of movies and series that have represented the LGBTQ+ community and have done a pretty good job of it too.

Below her Mouth- 2016 Canadian movie encases the story of Jasmine and Dallas with the perfect ratio of spice, love and charm. This weekend affair directed by April Mullen is bold, interesting and will surely boost anyone’s confidence who might be a little nervous to come out of the closet

Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan- Homosexuality in India is definitely a hush-hush topic and this might be the first movie to portray gay relationship at the lead. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Jitendra Kumar, this 2020 movie was critically applauded by Indian citizens. The comical portrayal of the problems that often homosexual men face makes the movie lighthearted but effective.

Call me by your name- Summer love is beautiful and perhaps even more beautiful is the love story of Elio and Oliver. The movie is set in the summer of 1983 in Italy, Lombardy. A teenage Elio played by Timothy Chalamet is face to face with the immensely strong attraction he feels for the new doctorate student Oliver (Armie Hammer) and that attraction evolves into something more beautiful as well as passionate. This aesthetic piece of 2017 blends art, teenage conflicts and homosexual romance into a dreamy concoction of love and hope.

Elite – Series is a great way to portray romance as it allows longer time to result in successful character development. Elite the 2018 Spanish drama attracted a huge fan base by its important and realistic portrayal of homosexual relationships. It streams on Netflix and currently has 3 seasons.

Margarita with a Straw- This 2014 Indian movie deals with a serious condition like cerebral palsy but chooses to make it even more memorable by making the lead character played by Kalki Koechlin to fall in love with a blind girl played by Sayani Gupta. This philosophical movie will question your beliefs of love and physical attraction and leave you a tad bit wiser.

Sex EducationAs if the name does not suggest it already, this British comedy-drama broke the boundaries of ‘appropriate’ and taught valuable facts about the necessary phenomenon, sex. Through some awkward and some not so awkward moments, the series clarifies tiniest of doubt one might have towards many sensitive phenomena regarding the taboo topic. Talking about sexual struggles and not involving homosexuality is just ignorant and the makers of this have made sure not to make that mistake.

Four more shots please- The bold story of four friends who unapologetically live their lives in modern Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. A series of tough decisions and choices pull each of their lives in separate but equally challenging directions. And through this rough journey, they prove their worth and loyalty for each other.

The Half of It- Although the representation of homosexuality in a modern piece of work is not that old concept, everyone is seeking to portray the same idea as creatively as possible. The Half of It deviates from cliché portrayal of the lesbian relationship as over the top and passionate bond between hormone raged women. The movie, with its slow and steady pace, shows the seed of attraction and interest planted in the heart of Ellie Chu for a classmate. In this love triangle, there is innocence and realism and loads of emotions.

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