8 must-watch series that can be completed within a day!

8 must-watch series, Lockdown has definitely caged us inside our home, but it hasn’t reduced our responsibilities. Between work from home, classes and house chores, it is often cumbersome to follow a lengthy series. We might be complete suckers for Game of Thrones or Money Heist but the numerous seasons might take a toll on our patience. To avoid that, we have compiled a few short series that is healthy and hearty and fits perfectly in your daily schedule and can be completed under 24 hours.

Sex Education- Informative and entertaining? This is a must-watch show on Netflix that deals with the hush topics related to sex and makes it educational and fun! Otis, an awkward teen provides valuable information to various questions his classmates might have that sex ed classes do not efficiently cover. While he is not much experienced himself, he gets the knowledge from his mother Jean who is a sex therapist.

Little Things- Ever thought your life is extraordinarily ordinary? That your relationship with your partner or your job or even your apartment might be a disappointment? This Indian series that can be found partly on YouTube and completely on Netflix will teach you how to cherish simple joys of life, from a weekend away on the long drive to late-night mutton cutlet gravy. Embark upon the journey of Dhruv and Kavya and learn the ways to live life!

Aarya- This Prime series is a massive comeback for Sushmita Sen who is finally playing the part of a woman that suits her the most! It is the story of a strong and independent woman who unveils the dark secrets of her family and handles every struggle thrown at her while maintaining her couture and elegance with equal efficiency. With a much needed strong female protagonist at the lead, Aarya will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Itaewon Class- K industry has taken the world by storm. And unlike other dramas, K dramas do not stretch over several seasons which make it perfect for people who are struggling to manage the clock! Itaewon Class happens to one of the gems in the genre! Written Gwang Jin, it is the story of an ex-con who is disciplined, resilient and ambitious enough to not let any past stand in the way of his future.

Never Have I ever- American series with white teens seems like a cliché right? What if I told you this series has not one but two Asian representation? Devi, American Indian teen deals with her high school struggles with her two companions and everyone is obsessed with the debunking of Asian stereotypes!

What the Folks-  Easily available on YouTube, this mini-series that stretch over 3 seasons is fun, light-hearted yet informative and deals with some very real issues that can be seen in almost every families. Solankis and Sharmas will step into several embarrassing messes that will eventually make them stronger. Time for you to join their drama and get some good laughs and maybe some drops of tears?

Breathe: Into the Shadows-  Another Prime series that is completely intriguing. Starring Amit Sadh, Abhisekh Bacchan and Saiyami Kher this 2020 thriller has 1 season and will fit perfectly into your busy schedule! The series is directed by Mayank Sharma and revolves around the plot of romance, thrill and cat and mouse chase.

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