8 must-watch movie that will definitely not let you down

While we all have been guilty of watching one movie or show over and over because we simply cannot find something worth watching at times. When there is no one to assure us of a movie that wouldn’t disappoint it better to stay within our comfort zones right? But the reality is, there are actually a few movies that are absolutely a must watch and will not disappoint you.

  • Batman Dark Knight– The Dark Knight is not just a superhero movie. It is a fable of life lessons. Heath Ledger won the Academy Award for his remarkable acting as Joker, probably the most loved anti-villain of all times. Christian Bale as Batman has done perfect justice to the movie. Christian Nolan once again won hearts with his movie and not watching The Dark Knight might be deemed as one of the mortal sins. After all, why so serious?
  • Saving Private Ryan– War comes with its own horrors. But over the years it has served as an incredible plot to produce several worthy movies. Saving Private Ryan revolves around the Normandy invasion in World War 2 where Private James Ryan is the subject who must be saved. His three brothers are already dead and to appease the grieving mother, Captain John Miller is assigned the task of rescuing the Private. Tom Hanks, as usual, has done a remarkable job as Captain while Matt Damon won our hearts as Private Ryan. This 1998 movie is definitely worth watching.
  • The Godfather– Some movies age like fine wine and The Godfather is one of them. Based on the 1969 book by Mario Puzo of the same name, this movie is another classic work of Al Pacino. The 1972 movie is directed by Francis Ford Coppola who also co-wrote the screenplay with Mario Puzo. It is a crime thriller that won several Academy Awards, like Best Actor in the Leading Role, and Best Picture.
  • Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind- Director Michel Gondry and screenwriters Charlie Kaufman introduced a remarkable concept in 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. Starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet the movie is about a couple of Joel and Clementine who fall in love and live the phases of relationship till they break up and does something that all heartbroken wish they could do. They erase each other from their memories. If you’re interested in the romantic genre, this movie is the jewel of the crown.
  • Troy- The legend of Troy is a well-known story but doesn’t it become a hundred times better when Brad Pitt is Achilles? The romance between Paris and Helen leads to a war waged against the city of Troy. If mythology, wars and romance intrigue you, watch this movie!
  • A Beautiful Mind– A biographical movie on John Forbes Nash Jr. The Nobel Prize winner American Mathematician was a patient of Schizophrenia. Directed by Ron Howard, we can see Russell Crowe (John Nash) and Jennifer Connely (Alicia Nash) in the lead. Other than being a thought-provoking and inspiring story of a mathematician, it is also a tale of commitment, love and perseverance.
  • Forrest Gump– This 1994 film is nothing less than a classic. The movie won people’s heart by its plot, simplicity driven morals and remarkable acting by the legend Tom Hanks himself. Forrest Gump, a boy with less than average IQ faces life inspiringly without realizing the enormity of his successes. The thought-provoking movie is emotional, inspiring and simply wholesome.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– Out of the box concepts of movies is what sells them the most and that is exactly what this movie this representation of. Starring Brad Pitt as the lead this movie turns time of an individual who is born old but grows younger with time. This romantic fantasy directed by David Fincher is definitely a must-watch.

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