7 Never-Heard-Before Apps Everyone Must Have On Their Phones

Have you dreaded standing in line at the supermarket and then shifted to Grofers on your phone? Or found Paytm easier than having to worry about cash in your pockets? Welcome to the future of luxury living. Shopping, entertainment, food, travel, books, fitness, in every sphere, apps have definitely made our lives easier as we only need to waft our fingers over our flat screens.

But, out of the 2 million apps (as of 2019) available for download on your smartphones, is it possible for you to know each of them? No, not for you, not for me, not for anyone (Google is an exception). So, we’ve listed 7 apps that you might have never heard of but definitely deserves a space on your devices.



Love travelling? If yes, I am sure you are always looking out for a drop in flight fare (just like I do). Yes, Trivago can help you make travel plans for the rest of your life, but SkipLagged does better. It not only looks for the best hotels and bookings but goes the extra mile with flight bookings. There are ‘Hidden City’ flights that take you to your destination, which is a layover point en route to a different destination. These flights are comparatively cheaper than a flight destined solely to your desired stop.



The name gives you a brief that it has something to do with peeing and running. Well, don’t you find it absolutely annoying when you need to use the loo in the middle of a movie? RunPee app comes to your rescue. All you have to do is select the movie you’re currently watching. It shows you the best time to run and answer nature’s call without missing any of the important scenes of the film. It also gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed. Isn’t it a lifesaver?



If you’ve ever fancied having your own podcast, Anchor is the app you must have on your phone right away. The app lets you record, edit and publish your podcast right from your device, without any expensive equipment. It offers an analysis panel where you can see the number of people listening to your podcast and the segments which they have heard. It’s a different level of DIY altogether!

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map


This app is definitely the one for you if gazing at the stars in the night sky has always been your rescue on tough days. This planetarium app can help you learn all about the universe, stars, constellations, and planets right on your device screen. It even comes with a GPS feature that allows you to navigate the sky with its real-time zoomable map. The app is not free, but definitely worth the extra cash.

Wolfram Alpha


Have you ever asked Alexa a random question and ‘sorry, I don’t know that one’ was all she got to offer you? Go straight to Wolfram Alpha because it is most likely to have an answer to all your questions. It browses through thousands of categories of maths, food, nutrition, and sports, using its complex algorithm to answer you along with detailed reports, just in a few seconds. Who even needs Google now?



At some point of time, you must have definitely felt that there is no one for you to talk to or share your worries, however, close you might be with your family and friends. Get the Wysa app on your phone immediately. It is a penguin-shaped chatbot, to whom you can vent out your feelings and it offers effective advice and coping techniques like yoga and self-care. It encourages you to gather your thoughts and ensures your mental fitness. If you plan to get a paid subscription, you can get a human Wysa coach to guide you. The best part- Wysa will never judge you!



Do you ever get annoyed when your favourite song plays in a restaurant or gym but the TV is muted and the authority won’t turn it up? Get Tunity out. This app is the definition of happy. Scan the TV screen through the app and it will automatically stream the audio to your device through your headphones or Bluetooth. Trust me; it is a sheer joy to have this app on your phone!

I am sure most of you reading this would have no these apps existed, let alone use them. But here’s a promise, all of these are handpicked after detailed scrutiny and analysis. Give them a try and watch them turn out to be life-changers!

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