7 Bizarre Gadgets In India That None Of Us Knew Existed

The contemporary era is all about gadgets. Our entire life dances around technology that controls almost every aspect of our lives. From doing the dishes to putting you to sleep, there’s practically nothing that these new inventions can’t do.

But speaking of gadgets, it is important to discuss the ones that created a buzz in India. A few of these gadgets are so bizarre that it will make you wonder how far a human’s tech-savvy mind can travel?

This one’s for the gadget freak

Let’s take a look at the 7 most bizarre gadgets that have compelled us to raise our brows!

Pavlok: Gives you a shock every time you do something you shouldn’t

Are you addicted to the wrong habit that you want to quit? Have you been trying your best but failing anyway? Pavlok is here for your rescue. It is a new device that gives you a shock when you do something you shouldn’t.

Wondering How? So, say suppose you want to quit smoking. You need to be courageous enough to press the button every time you feel the urge to hold a cigarette. Yes, it’s a game of will power and strength!

Would you buy this device?

Pocket washing machine: Enables you to wash minuscule items

How many times have we imagined a pocket washing machine that washes all our little products? Well, this one is a dream come true!

Pocket washing machine devices enable you to wash minuscule items that were previously a nightmare. A couple of brushes, makeup blender, and a small handkerchief can ideally fit into it. All you need to do is add a pint of shampoo or surf to wash the products in 10 minutes or even less. This product has made it very easy to wash small equipment that is hard to clean otherwise.

Ostrich’s pillow: Allows you to sleep without any disturbance

Peaceful sleep at night is a long lost dream, nowadays. It’s a pain when you wake up the next morning with under-eye bags and exhausted strength. At this point, Ostrich’s pillow can be a rescue.

This pillow is more like a face mask with three holes around it – one to breathe and the rest two keep your hands warm. It is weirdly shaped and helps you take a quick nap during the wee hours. Wear it in your head and see the difference!

Fidget spinner phone: A real phone that spins like a fidget spinner

In 2018, the craze for fidget spinners drew the attention of several people. This insane popularity gave rise to something called fidget spinner phones that one can spin and play with.

This phone shaped as a fidget spinner is a real phone device with no games installed in. But you can still spin it! It is available in many different colours in the market at a reasonable rate. How cool is that?

Face bank: Money bank that eats your money

While we’ve got a carnival of money banks in various shapes and sizes, this face bank is the weirdest of the lot. This money bank which is designed in the shape of a face eats your money. Yes, literally! (only to keep it safe! :P)

So, would you allow someone to eat your money?

Otamatone: Annoy your friends with annoying sounds

Perhaps, the most bizarre of the lot, an Otamatone is a wacky instrument that has got nothing to do with something purposeful. This one can be used as an ugly alarm by your mom to wake you up with a thud or annoy your friends to their depth.

When you press the funny Otmatone’s face, it gives a shriek that is normally hard to tolerate. Imagine scaring your friends with this while they are fast asleep? I can hold my laugh!

Zungle Panther: Best Sunglasses

A Zungle Panther is probably the best pair of sunglasses for those who want to protect their eyes from the sunlight as well as listen to good music privately on the go.

Unlike other sunglasses that play music audible to the public. This pair blocks the public from hearing the music as it directly processes into your ear and mind. Stunning, isn’t it?

So these were some of the weirdest gadgets that are up for a grab. Don’t forget to tell us (in the comment section below) which one among these, you actually bought!

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