The four-legged furry animals, also known as man’s best friend, are emotional, adventurous and can enlighten your day easily. These super adorable friends have captured a large portion of the cinematic universe for decades. While some capture their emotional side, others describe the more fun-loving instincts that will surely add charm to the life of all cynophiles. Here we have curated a list of movies that delight for all dog parents and dog lovers.

  1. Marley and Me (2008 film)- The story revolves around newly married John and Jenny who move to Florida to start a new chapter of their life. They get new jobs, buy their first house and adopt a mischievous puppy named Marley. While the couple faces career tensions, family crisis and much more, their canine friend never fails to give them life lessons. This film is marked by an extremely emotional ending.
  • Benji (2018 film)- Benji is one of the most loved canine characters on screen and he first appeared in a 1974 film as an eponymous hero. The 2018 film was the third reboot which showcased his determined nature, shaggy mutt rescues and how he helps to heal a broken family.
  • Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (2009 film)- This heartwarming movie is about the unconditional love and unusual bond between Hachiko and his human dad Parker Wilson. Every day they walk to the station and then Hachiko goes back home to come back again to the station at 5 pm when Wilson’s train is due. The poignant storytelling is quite remarkable.
  • 101 Dalmations (1996 film)- Sure to steal the heart of all dog-lovers, this movie consists of more than a hundred extremely cute puppies. It revolves around Pongo, a furry male dog who is tired to his bachelor life and gets smitten by Perdita. Fortunately, their owners decide to get hitched and as the two canines stay together, Perdita gives birth to 15 pups. Now their task is to safeguard the babies from a woman who wants to kidnap them and use them- with 86 others- to make a fur coat for herself.
  • Lady and the Tramp (1955 film)- This is a classic animated film centred around Lady- a protected cocker spaniel who has issues with her human family and Tramp- a roguish stray mutt. They meet and eventually fall in love as Lady learns to be more free-spirited from her friend but differences threaten their relationship.
  • Seventeen (2019 film)- The film revolves around 17-year old Hector in juvenile detention who bonds with a timid dog only to realize that his friend is being adopted by someone outside the premises. He flees to search for the dog and is soon joined by his grandmother and elder brother.
  • Air Bud (1997 film)- This is a classic 90s movie that showcases a super active and lively golden retriever, Bud, who joins a high school basketball team. By this, he manages to raise the spirits of his owner Josh who struggles to cope up with his father’s death. This adorable bow-wow is sure to liven up your lazy lockdown Sunday.

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