6-year-old girl brutally raped in UP, netizens angered by judicial inefficiency.

The history of rape in India is a horrifying one. Approximately 90 women and girls are raped every day in India. In 2017, more than 32,500 cases were registered in India, and the number seems to be growing with time. What is even more disheartening is the justice that is denied to most such victims.

In another miserable incident in UP on Thursday, 6th August, a little girl of 6 years old was brutally raped and left to die on a field. The girl, according to report was kidnapped from outside her house. A man in a motorcycle was seen by neighbours and passerby. She was later found unconscious and blood-soaked lying in a field by the road.  The 6-year-old little girl was brutally raped to the point that her private parts were maimed. The injury was grievous enough that she has already undergone surgery and will need to undergo some more before she gets discharged.

Four days have passed since the horrifying event but there seems no hope for justice. The rapist has not yet been caught. Due to the critical condition of the child prevented her from giving a statement regarding the accused but 3 sketches were released after gathering statements from parents, neighbours or acquaintances who might have seen the man in the motorcycle.

The incident lays bare the truth about women’s safety in India, or mostly about the lack of it. From an infant of a few months to a 92-year-old nun, no one is safe in India. As per NCRB data, the number of rape cases reported in India is increasing rapidly. In 2012, there were 24,923 reported cases of rape which increased to 33,707 in 2013.

The capital of our country, New Delhi is the most unsafe place for girls and women to stay in India. The national capital has been witness to several major rape cases, including the Nirbhaya case that finally got its justice after 7 long years of waiting.

The scary part of rapes in India is the statistics that show that 94% of the accusers are acquaintances of the victims, whether it be neighbours, acquaintances, relatives or even parents.

The major reason behind the increase in rape cases is perhaps because more and more victims are coming forward to report cases, which basically, means, rapes always happened, the cases are just getting reported more nowadays due to awareness.

After the recent UP incident, the uproar on social media ensued. Several people Tweeted their grievances against the lagging justice in India. The netizens are enraged once again at the occurrence of the terrible crime and are even more saddened by delayed justice.

“6-Year-Old Raped In UP!

I wish India Could have a much Stronger, Bolder, Strict, and Fast Law and trials for Rapes and Assaults.

#rape #justice ”, read a tweet by an individual with username @KeepPeaceIndia

Another Tweet with #RIP Journalism read,

“A 6 year old girl was kidnapped & raped in Hapur, UP.

She has severe injures in her perineum, her condition remains critical.

No media is talking about this, no outrage, they remain busy with faking Modi’s popularity through fake polls.”

Another angered user named Mehak Verma tweeted, “Is this why we wanted the Lockdown to get eased? Some people just deserve to stay caged forever. First a 12 yr old & now this. Where are we heading?

#rape #womenabuse #childabuse”

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