6 Celebs Who Are Contributing To The Society But Not For Publicity

Indian celebrities have extensive influence across the globe. With their unending popularity and pouring wealth, these actors are all furbishing their reputation by serving the vulnerable sections of the society through charity. 

While some actors are giving back to society for mere publicity, a few of them are genuinely rendering help without creating a buzz. 

Here’s taking you through the list of 5 selfless actors who are quietly doing their bit to bring a change in the world. 

6 Actors with a Gold Heart 

Often, actors are observed donating and empowering charity for the poor and needy. But is it really for the betterment of the society or a mere publicity stunt to get into the good books of their fans? Well, in most cases it is the later. 

But this list of 6 famous Bollywood actors who don’t brag about their contributions in the vulnerable world will make you believe in the goodness of the people. 

  • Milind Soman 

The famous model-actor from Four More Shots Please has been the prime mover for raising awareness about breast cancer and Pinkathon (one of India’s largest marathon that concerns women’s fitness and health)

The marathon race that covers over 10 Kilometers and is spread across several cities has derived maximum encouragement from this humble man. 

“Oxfam India is fighting to reduce inequality at every level of society. The challenge is immense but every step you take on the 100km trail walker will be a milestone.” He quoted while supporting the right to education for children. 

  • John Abraham

The famous Bollywood star, John Abraham is a vital contributor in PETA which preserves animals and their safety. Unlike most other actors who are keen on seeking publicity, John has been contributing to PETA for a long time now without mentioning anything about it in media. 

Aside from this, he also provides shelter to the needy and the people he rescues is named after him as, “John’s Brigade” 

Although he has a massive following, he shies away from social media and silently contributes to the society. What a man!

  • Akshay Kumar 

One of the leading Bollywood actors of our generation, Akshay Kumar has immensely devoted his earnings for the welfare of society. 

He opened a martial arts class for women’s self-defense and self-security which is doing a successful business today. Apart from this, he has also provided finances to the drought-stricken families of Marathwada whose farmer members had committed suicide due to excessively terrible conditions.  

He donated around Rs 90 Lakh to at least 180 families of these farmers to render support in this time of crisis.

  • Rahul Bose 

In the past few years, Rahul Bose has been silently working towards launching organizations and NGOs to support the education of children who belong to vulnerable families with minimum finance. 

His parent organization, Group of Groups that stressed on providing education for children includes 51 charitable organizations and NGO groups in the dream city, Mumbai. 

His charismatic strength and humble nature have blessed our nation’s poverty-stricken children tremendously. 

  • Shabana Azmi 

A leading actress of her era, Shabana Azmi has also committed to change the lives of the needy in our country. The social Activist has often been noticed as voicing her opinion for Women’s rights and welfare. 

In the year 1989, she marched for approximately four days to support the communal harmony from New Delhi to Meerut. Above all, Azmi has also successfully fought against the injustices of AIDS and its consequences. 

Azmi’s opinionated voice has created a benchmark that breaks the stereotypical perspective of women held as vulnerable. Hats off to her!

  • Nana Patekar 

The popular actor has been helping the widow of farmers from Maharashtra donating enough money to raise their families comfortably. 

He also collected Rs 80 lakhs for the drought-stricken families via his NGO called Naam foundation that he runs along with the actor Makrand Anaspure. 

Nana Patekar was also witnessed offering Rs.12.75 Lakh to 85 such families in need. 

These reel heroes turned real heroes have rightfully earned our respect. Let’s hope that more and more Indian celebrities recognize the importance of aiding the lives of the needy through their genuine contributions, away from the cameras.

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