6 Alternative Career Choice for Students Who Hates Studying

Studying has become an unconditional nightmare for most students. Perhaps, the only time books look mesmerizing is when they are stacked inside a bookshelf.  But did you know that to earn a decent salary, you need not necessarily be a book worm?

If the stacks of books in your school or college horrifies you like nothing else, and if the idea of becoming a C.A. or a teacher disgusts you already, here’s what you need!

These 6 career options for students will give you a taste of paradise as you embark on the journey of self-sufficiency and independence with passion by your side.

6 career options to choose today!
The present era is brimming with a range of career options to choose from. Gone are the days when the only choices for a successful career were constrained to Doctors and Engineers. With these 6 career choices in line, you can have the best of both worlds alongside earning yourself a decent lifestyle with enough time to relax.

  1. Fashion Blogging – Create trends that inspire

Fashion blogging has gained a whole new reputation with famous fashion bloggers acing their game on various social media platforms. If you are assuming that blogging isn’t a business that can fetch you sufficient income, you are thoroughly mistaken.


Fashion fanatics with an extravagant passion for clothing and accessorizing can initiate new trends, carve specific niches and uplift the world of fashion with innovative blogging strategies.

If that silver lehenga from AbujaniSandeepkhosla took your breath away and you wish to share your love with the audience – select a fancy portal and start drafting your thoughts!

  • Pet Sitter – Capitalize your love for the furry beings

If you are a pet lover, this one’s definitely for you! Many middle and upper-class families who own pets travel the extra mile to maintain the good health and shape of these furry family members.


In that case, grooming pets will not just offer an abode of excitement to you but will also help you to keep yourself entertained without bumping into several hardships.

If you’re wondering what your salary might be like, for starters, you can expect a handsome income of Rs.15,000 to 25,000. How cool is that?

  • Sommelier – Taste the pleasure of flavors

The job of a sommelier leads amidst the highest income jobs in the country with a starter pack of Rs.3 Lakh per year. As you stroll through the areas of the restaurant by serving wine, you also get to taste them and tour across other places to source them.


Most sommeliers are also appointed to manage the staff efficiently and keeping a note of the work-frame. If you are looking to get your hands on this flavorful career, Sommelier India is the go-to for sure.

  • Radio Jockey – Have fun with people and music

Radio jockeying is one of my favorites in this list. This dapper job that includes high-paid salary worth Rs. 10,000 to Rs1,00,000 per month is an ideal fit for those who love good music and relish fun conversations.


As a Radio jockey, you can have all the fun of the fair as you treat them with good music, never-heard-before PJs, and delightful gossips to your audiences glued to your channel for more fun. Can it get any better?

  • Café Owner – Sip a dollop of fun

Café owners are doing an excellent business in the market today. With a lucrative income of Rs.1,00,000 onwards per month, there is no doubt about the interesting combination of food and flavors you get to experience here.


As you sit back and chill over a cup of coffee, watch out for the lovely crowd that flocks at your space in no time.

  • Fitness trainer – Aspire to inspire the admirer

Amidst all the other exciting jobs that does not call for extra hours, fitness training also enables you to earn while serving a ‘healthy’ purpose.

As you train and motivate individuals to maintain their good health and stability, you also tend to relish a grand salary of Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 per month. If it is getting this big, what’s the wait worth for?


These 6 career options for students who are exceptionally haunted by studies is only for the starters. There is a massive pool of career opportunities waiting at your door, locked up in a box – the key to which is only ‘passion’.

Don’t let this chance slip, because opportunity seldom knocks twice.

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