5 Star-Facts About The Big Shift From TV To Streaming Apps

Our childhood days have had all the fun as we sat acrossthe screen of the big ‘box of entertainment’ in our home. The thrill of movies, the delight of watching episodes back to back and the leisure to switch to any channel of our choice, was truly fascinating!

Over time, this love for television has observed a massive decline as apps have drowned it under the sun.

Here are 5 top-notch facts about the big shift from TV to streaming apps that will leave you contemplating with that one question – ‘Where did the TV days go?’.

What’s with the big shift?
Streaming apps offer free access to movies, songs and episodes of our favorite TV shows all at once. This is exactly why more than half of the world’s population is making the big shift from TV to streaming apps today.

  1. The youth is killing TV

Recent research has found out that the growth of ‘television’ amidst contemporary youth has gone for a toss. Youngsters between the age of 13 to 24 prefer the convenience of streaming apps that says ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ over the confined television screens.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other apps that invite the youngsters with its long list of choices has defeated television for its underrated functions. This humungous downslide was first discovered during the year 2012 when the internet was only beginning to receive popularity.

  • 16 years left for the television demise

Many great personalities have begun to decode the death of television from their perspective. While it is leaving the entire cable industry shivering by its thighs, the Netflix CEO, Mr. Reed Hastings unraveled that the television has only 16 years to go.

He went on to explain his theory by saying “kind of like the horse – you know, the horse was good until we had the car.” During 2017, America’s leading cable TV providers lost 410,000 subscribers which came as a massive shock across the globe.


Above all, it is the feasible budget of streaming apps which creates such a bulging difference between television watchers and the internet admirers.

  • Streaming apps are power-packed

Although television offers the liberty to watch channels, movies, and shows that are preferred, one is still constrained to follow tv’s lead. But with the rise of streaming apps, you can run your fingers to any movie, any show and any news of your choice, with the least hassle of surfing through a specific schedule.

More men than women have now shifted to online streaming apps which is to say, that the growth is becoming bottleful here.

To top it all, these streaming apps have given rise to a pool of activities for the youth. Whether it is gaming, watching films, reading the news or strolling across new inventions, its all in here.

  • The United States in the lead

Speaking of streaming apps vs television, the big shift has a lot to unfold. While the global rise and fall are observed, the U.S. is showing up with its own set of statistics, leading the pack. By 2020, the number of digital viewers in the U.S. is expected to rise to 263 million. Crazy, isn’t it?

Today, about 85% of U.S. internet users watch online videos daily. The stats certainly say that the United States is most likely to slaughter the use of television sooner than everyone else.

  • The battle has just begun

The war between streaming apps and television isn’t ending anytime soon. If the television will be another ladder of the long-gone history or if streaming apps will downslide the list, that is yet to be unwrapped. But the big shift has had a crazy impact on the global audience and the one-sided love is pretty much distinct.

While the youth is mapping out means to delve into this world of streaming apps even deeper, the world is still zillion times far from erasing these entertainment boxes that have been living in for centuries.

These 5-star facts are mere waves from the ocean of big shift in the television industry. Till then, let’s see who wins the game!

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