5 Silver Bullets that swept away Modi’s Fame

Here we are Showing 5 Silver Bullets that that swept away Modi’s Fame. Our Indian Prime Minister has been the talk of the town for a while now. Ever since his Prime ministerial position has been retained for the second time, Shri Narendra Modi has been altering the face of India like the wind.

But what’s most striking is the amount of appreciation and criticisms that have been competing with each other every time Modi brings new news to the public ears. 

Here’s a game-changing list of 5 silver bullets that swept away Modi’s fame. Take a look!

5 facts that drowned Modi’s fame

While several people believe in Modi as the game-changer of the nation, there is still a small group of people who criticizes his actions. Here are 5 facts that have demeaned Modi’s reputation, seeping it right under the sun. 

1. The rigorous decision of demonetization 

On all 5 Silver Bullets this is most Important. When Modi decided to help the nation break out of corruption via demonetization of the Indian currency, many people stood up to criticize this factor calling it a poorly executed plan. Many states also protested against this system of changing the Gandhian series of banknotes. 

Demonetization - Silver Bullets

It was also the inconvenience and annoyance to the public which led to a severe problem amidst the common mass. As several people rushed to alter their banknotes, many of them were rumoured to be dead due to the excessive long queues for the purpose.

More so, when the RBI report was published declaring that 99% of currency notes were back into the system, it was a major led down. Above all, the mass confusion was another leading factor causing Modi’s defamation. 

2. The controversy over Modi’s educational qualifications 

Modi’s educational qualifications led to a major controversy lately. As the information regarding his educational degree is uncertain, he was held under suspicion for providing illegal information to the electoral affidavits. 

Modi’s Educational Qualifications - Silver Bullets

Due to this reason, a major section of the common mass got furious about this and decided to unravel the mystery. But when the PMO was asked to respond to the matter, it refused to provide any legal information and asked them to dig into Modi’s website for all reasons required.

A lot of people have now started to assume that the PM has no qualifications, but no evidence has been unfolded yet for qualitative consequences. 

3. The presumptuous case of Godhra 

In the year 2002, Modi was held under suspicion for creating communal riots between the Hindus and Muslims when the Sabarmati train burnt at Godhra station.

It is said that on the very same night, BJP and Sangh leaders met at Godhra, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara and indicated Hindus to openly assault the Muslims. 

Presumptuous Case of Godhra

While the exact cause hasn’t been unraveled yet, Modi’s reputation was definitely at stake during the rising controversies targeting this case. Again, many protestors stood against his governance, complaining of how he was a deceiver. 

Even today, several politicians especially, Mamata Banerjee aim at defaming Modi persistently by declaring him as a communal divider. 

4. The historic decision concerning Article 370 

Although restoring the basic rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir belonging to the Indian district was the best decision so far, people still dug into the devil-holes to criticize Modi’s decision. 

Article 370 - Modi's

Many people led protests against the fact that Modi was trying to intrigue a communal gap between Hindus and Muslims by provoking the Pakistani terrorists. While this decision led to a historic change, it also led to uninvited trouble and never-ending questions!

5. The staunch concept of Hindutva 

The idea of Hindutva has been misinterpreted by many protestors and media persons who have eventually defamed Modi in the eyes of the masses. Alongside all the suspicions that aimed at Modi for building communal riots, this too left no stones unturned in accusing him of the same purpose. 

staunch concept of Hindutva - Silver Bullets

This political turbulence has now become a major concern for different parties who are not allowing Modi to rise and shine any easily. 

Revolutionary changes call for harsh decisions!

Whether Modi intends to amalgamate the two communities to build a strong nation or play the ‘Divide and rule policy’, we have no clue but for now, his fierce actions and strong decisions that have led to many positive historic changes, do speak for themselves. 

Although a lot of politicians and the masses criticize his policies now and then, the fact that Modi has been doing the nation proud in the eyes of the world is a matter of utmost pride and concern. 

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