5 Side-Hustles For College Students To Earn Some Extra Pocket Money

How is your college life going? I am sure most of you are right now mumbling, ‘what do you expect amidst daily classes and loaded assignments with literally no time to either sleep or eat properly!’

Well, we all have been there! But no matter how difficult it gets, none of us want to miss out on Saturday parties, Sunday shopping, and the college fests. But the world is definitely not a wish-granting factory. So, sometimes you run out of cash and the other times you are jampacked with assignments!


For the latter, I would say you need to let go of something to be something in the future.

And for the former – I have a magical solution, make your own money and spend it on your own terms.

So instead of going to a guilt trip for not being able to attend your favorite singer’s concert, why not plan some real-time trips to nearby hill stations and fund it from your own money? Here’s how you can do it.

5 Side-Hustles that can fetch you some extra cash

College life isn’t easy, while you are drowning amidst the research papers, the reality is you still need money. So, make your best pick with these given ideas (below), and let the hustle begin:

Sell Photos


If you can’t hold back the photographer in you, here’s your perfect pick! Take as many pictures as you want and earn decent cash in exchange of the stunning photographs. Yes, you heard me right, you can sell your photos. There is a list of websites and apps, like iStockPhoto, DepositPhotos, Pexels, where you can sell your pictures and make around $500 per month. That is as much as Rs 35000 in Indian currency. Plus, your photos need not necessarily be high-definition, they just need to be good enough.

Freelance Writing


In today’s world when everything is available at your fingertips, believe me, you can earn millions with just one computer and internet connectivity. If you know how to play with words and the art of writing seems familiar to you, what’s the wait worth for? To give a kick-start to your side-hustle, in the beginning, you can exchange your well-written article in exchange for a shoutout on some of the well-recognized portals. This will help you gauge clients and start earning real-time. You can charge on per word basis, or project basis. For an amateur anywhere between 50 paise per word to RS 1.5, a word is not a bad deal.

Sell stuff online


The pile of old clothes that don’t fit you anymore, the neckpiece that you believe is out of fashion or the stack of books that you never get back to – how about making some money out of them? Click pictures of each of these from a smartphone camera, craft a description stating the condition of the product, select a price for it and post it on eBay or any such reselling platforms. You will receive messages from various bidders, take the best deal and seal it. There you are, along with some extra cash, you just got yourself some extra space for the new clothes! 😉

Social Media Management


Are you a social media freak? 24*7 online, aware of all the features of Instagram, Facebook or ‘you just name it, I am there!’ Its time you start finding social media manager jobs. While everyone else constantly taunts you about your social media addiction, why not make some real money out of it? All you have to do is manage social media accounts of the specifies company and ensure maximum engagement. (Sounds like your home ground!) No kidding, you can make a minimum Rs 15000 per month!

Data Entry


If you can type with your eyes closed, (well, not literally!) with a pace that none of the others can match, data entry will be the perfect side-hustle for you! The job profile of this can vary, from typing text on word doc to filling surveys and entering data in a spreadsheet. You can look for data entry jobs on online job portals like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Click Worker and so many others. For starters, your salary can be anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000.

Wrapping up!

You must have heard of the saying, ‘Great success comes to those who hustle, hustle hard!’ – so ditch all the excuses, stand up, hustle and say it to yourself everyday ‘I CAN DO IT!’

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