5 Revolutionary Decisions That Made Modi A One-Man Show

The current Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has received worldwide appreciation for his indigenous strength and revolutionary decisions. Although many people bear a grudge against his ability, nothing can alter the underlying reality that stands straight without batting an eyelid – Today’s Indian Government is a one-man show!

Here’s a list of 5 revolutionary decisions that popularized Modi like a thousand splendid suns. 

5 radical decisions that got him his gold star 

Modi who has now become a global megastar in the world of fair politics with his sheer diligence and audaciousness. Here’s why we can’t get over Modi’s strong features as an Indian Prime Minister. 

1. The power of demonetization 

The onset of Modi’s popularisation was initiated with his idea of demonetization. This factor challenged the unlawful cash that encouraged illicit practices in the country. 


Initially, the country faced an extreme shortage of economy as the currency of the Mahatma Gandhi series was being altered. This effort which aimed at removing black money from the country could not end the corruption, but it surely curtailed it. 

As several protests, movements and campaigns were held for this system, Modi was brought to the limelight for being the prime mover of this idea. Although he received enormous criticisms for the poor execution of this campaign, the fact that the entire nation stood up for his support cannot be avoided. 

Fact Check: According to a report published by the RBI, almost 99 percent of the cash in circulation got back into the system, declaring the failure of this bold move. 

2. The Revengeful Balakot Airstrike 

The aggressive relations between India and Pakistan worsened when Pakistani terrorists attacked India in its Jammu & Kashmir district, killing 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel. This was one of the most inhumane attacks by Pakistan that intrigued a fire in the hearts of the Indians. 


While the nation moaned the demise, Modi stood up with vengeance and galvanized the soldiers to respond with a surgical strike in Kashmir followed by the Balakot airstrike. It was with his support that the Indian warplanes moved into the de facto border in the disputed region of Kashmir, and dropped bombs in Balakot, Pakistan. 

This aggressive response from Modi’s reign has ignited fear among the Pakistani terrorists, exactly what was needed to strike a halt to the constantly rising terrorism in Pakistan. 

3. The intellectual implication of GST 

Introduction of the Goods and Services Tax was another witty decision that Modi undertook to curb tax evasion and accelerate economic growth. The one nation, one tax system which came to action in the year 2017 was a momentous occasion and an attempt to unify the country’s economy. 


GST led to the removal of bundled indirect taxes like VAT, CST, and several others along with its cascading effect. 

Fact check that defines the success of GST implication: Over 28 crore returns were filed till the end of two years, risen from 5.43 crores in 2017 i.e. before GST. 

4. The genesis of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan 

Narendra Modi’s staunch efforts to establish a ‘clean and safe India’ across the country has led to a historic change in India. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan which was initiated by Modi on October 2, 2014, is the biggest step taken ever as a cleanliness drive till date. 


It was initiated with the goal to make India free of open defecation, construction of toilets along with awareness programs on ‘how and why to use toilets’ in rural India. 

Fact Check: According to RICE Survey reveals that 57% of the rural population who did not have a toilet, now have one (as of 2018). 

Well, that just claimed the perpetual success of this remarkable decision by Narendra Modi. 

5. The stimulating development in India’s foreign relations 

In a long time, India has now become a recognized nation on the global stage. Thanks to PM Modi, who has been travelling extensively around the world majorly to develop three key agendas: improving relationships with countries, inviting investments and winning support for India’s permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).


Whether it was inviting innumerable regional leaders to his oath-taking ceremony or visiting Berlin and Paris to exchange conversations with the German Chancellor and Former French President, Modi has built an ecstatic foreign policy once again. 

Currently, Modi is focusing on uniting with different nations to make a move towards terrorism and other global issues like global warming. 

The aggregator of over 130+ crore people! 

The diligence and hard work of our Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for the betterment of our nation have justified his influential power over 130+ crore people. These 5 revolutionary decisions that were transformed into vivid reality were the stepping-stones that established him as a global leader!

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