5 Reasons Why Amit Shah Is The Chanakya of BJP Kingdom

BJP Home minister, Amit Shah has often been the talk of the town ever since BJP came to action. The loyal strategist and brainstormer of Narendra Modi’s team, Amit Shah is considered as the backbone of BJP for several reasons.

While it’s said that Amit Shah is the leading reason behind Modi’s victory in the 2019 elections, remaining say that it is Shah who outsmarts his rivals with intellectual political schemes in the party.

The man behind the countrywide success of BJP’s Government

Amit Shah has had an immensely prolific role to play in the advent of the BJPs 2.0 election victory. While we speak of the mind-boggling wit of our home minister, let me tour you across the reasons of why he is referred to as the right hand of our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi:

1.     Shah’s powerful take on important matters

Although Amit Shah isn’t a master in the English language, the fact that his conversations are so determined and strong is inevitably visible. What’s more interesting is his ideas for the revolutionary government and the state.


In a recent interview, Shah stunned the audiences with his good take on important matters that concerned the import of fighter planes. Whether it is finance or about rural development, Amit Shah seems to have a great sense of fine governance.

2.      The mastermind in strategic planning

During the UP-poll strategy, when the upper castes and the OBC were grafted by Mayawati’s politics, the BJP was worried as both in booth levels and at the village since the chances for a win were meager.


More so, several BJP supporters were kidnapped and taken under supervision by other political parties so that BJP falls back without support. At this point, when BJP was losing hope, Amit Shah rose from the silence and changed the face of the game with his strategic skills.

Shah reconstituted the booth committees to build a balance in the caste system. He also dethroned the overstated leaders who had joined BJP a few years ago with a promise to consider them during ticket distribution. For the first time in history, BJP gave 50 percent of tickets to OBC’s and that’s how the road to BJPs victory took shape where it was stuck.

3.     A follower of core RSS ideals (but not discriminative!)

Shah believes in wholehearted dedication towards the nation which must not be compromised in lieu of religion. In UP, Amit Shah adjourned the blind entry of Muslim leaders into the party.

He discussed with Modi all the leaders should be taken into the system on the basis of pure leadership skills and an agreement on “appeasement of none and justice for all” He further argued that these Muslim leaders should not be taken into the party to merely create secularistic identity in it.

This argument incited controversies but Amit Shah was totally unapologetic about it, proving that he is a hardcore follower of RSS ideals

4.     If Modi is the face of BJP, Shah is its brain

When Modi launched his initiative campaign ‘Mera booth, sabse mazboot’, it was Amit Shah who ensured that before Modi begins his speech, he has enough audiences raptured to show the enthusiasm and support the cause.


In fact, it was his ideology, to make sure that each booth under his system was working hard until the last set. Therefore, it is obvious to say, that Amit Shah has been the driving force behind Modi’s unending success in the political realm.

5.     Modi’s blind trust on Shah’s architecture

None of us are unaware of the fact that Modi and Shah together make a lethal combination. Their duo has led to some of the most historic changes in the world of Indian politics that the rivals cannot help but watch in awe.

Together, they have been mapping out several ways to make India a better place and revolutionize its systems for the welfare of the people.

The paragon of political gems!

Amit Shah has emerged as an exemplary loyalist of the BJP government who burns the midnight oil to keep our Prime Minister in central power.

There was a time in 2008 when Amit Shah was behind the bars and people predicted it as the final downfall of Shah’s glorious history. However, an astrologer called Niranjan Shukla predicted that his acche din are coming when he will prove to be a nonpareil in the political chessboard. Those days are here!

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