5 Modern-Day Heroes Who Are Revamping India!

Revamping India, Indian history is laden with stories of war and warriors. Every Indian hero who has sacrificed their lives on the battlefield or drew the curtains to India’s independence will remain immortal without a doubt. But if you’ve been thinking that the list of Indian heroes declined with the extinction of the Indian history, you are probably mistaken.

Let’s take a glimpse into the 5 modern-day heroes of India who are reconstructing the
the grandeur of our country, leaving everyone awestruck and revamping India.

5 groundbreakers of India
The tradition of India has housed several outstanding heroes who have saved India from the clutches of the foreigners. But today, let’s unfold the unsung heroes of our country who have guided thousands of lives out of the tunnel into an abode of light.

1. The megastar who planted hope – Jadav Payeng

So many of us speak of saving a life by planting trees regularly but only half of us attempt to make the move.


Payeng who is 47 years old today, proved to be an exception even long before we could lend an ear to the concept. He sensed the downsides of deforestation when he was 16 and ever since he has been planting saplings to transform a whole barren land into a realm of nature.

Today, this forest houses abundant plant and wildlife with Indian Rhinoceros, Deer, Apes, and birds in the lead. Jadav continues to live in this forest which he has groomed like his child but refuses to employ himself here as he insists on working for the cause.

2. The galvanizer of holistic education – Beena Rao

Illiteracy in India has been a severe problem since forever now. But not anymore, since this issue is being battled out by a warrior who visions to serve her nation with free education and holistic development.


Rao, who educates slum students by providing free of cost services has been said to have benefitted more than 5000 students with 34 volunteers across the city.

Apart from exposing students to quality education which is otherwise an unaffordable activity for their parents, Beena also trains these young children to practice Yoga, discipline and other activities that will guide them towards a bright future.

3. The trailblazer for women empowerment – Pi Sangkhumi

Pi Sangkhumi from Mizoram often pitied the injustices against women and the oppression that burdened them with agony. Amidst these atrocities, she realized that women injustice in Mizoram was the product of several archaic laws, increase in illiteracy and regressive customs which condemned the values of womanhood.


Sangkhumi is now a Former president of Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP), which is an apex body representing different women local groups. Today, she is a vital part of innumerable women empowerment projects, education and entrepreneurship assignments that stimulate feminism.

This way, she is known for saving thousands of women from the regressive societal pressure.

4. The vanguard of Maharashtra – Shirish Apte

While several water systems have been left to die for years now, Shirish Apte revamped the traditional water tanks in Maharashtra, beaming an abode of inspiration for all of us.


When the Malguzaari water tanks were abandoned as dry for ages, Shirish took the initiative to rejuvenate the tanks. Over the years, he has raised a total of 21 water tanks that would have otherwise remained barren forever.

The richness of this project has earned several people their fair jobs, immigration systems and a way of survival for an unending group of animals who rely on these tanks to quench their thirst.

5. The catalyst of refined sanitation – Dr. Mapuskar

When the country was seeping into a filthy lifestyle, Dr. Mapuskar, arrived at the country’s rescue. He is diligently focused on exposing the rural sectors to the importance of cleanliness, low-cost sanitization methods and bio-gas toilets which would earn them a great deal of comfort and affordability.


It was with his support and guidance, that most of the rural citizens are now exposed to clean and healthy living. A commendable span of 50 years in this project, Dr. Mapuskar is surely deserving of all the love of our nation.

Over to you…
Revamping India
, These 5 modern-day heroes are transforming our country to a whole new level, every other city, state and country are deriving admiration from them to spread the significance of healthy living in a healthy world.

These people are contributing their bit, now it’s your turn! What are you doing to make your country a better place to live in?

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