Now a lot of us prefer to read comics than watch animes. We started from mangas and even slipped into Manhwas and Manhuas. Almost all Manhuas are about cultivators and that is not exactly a bad thing, you can consider it a genre. I honestly love Manhuas, despite being long they keep you interested to the point you might even consider reading their 1000 chaptered novels. These are my personal favorite and aren’t ranked in any specific order.

Despite starting with a very cliché storyline, it is actually very good. Luo Zheng was the eldest son of an ex wealthy family and now was a slave. He found his father’s book which will help him become the strongest in the universe. What is different about Apotheosis? First of all, is Luo Zheng’s personality, it’s pretty well developed and you never see contradictions throughout the series. His adventures are quite unique and the setup of the most powerful beings in the world is quite different from other manhuas. You will love his adventures, powers, personality, and always thirst for more.

This one is my personal favorite and this is because it is absolutely hilarious. Xue was hit by a car and is transported into another world. He notices that he can see a system that gives him martial arts manuals, objects and does stuff for him in exchange for points. TO earn points all he has to do is “ACT TOUGH”. Xue Que just happens to be pretty good at it, he keeps on tricking people and acting like he is the best. He is rude, vulgar, not exactly a good person yet is kind, straightforward, and courageous. This Manhua is one of a kind, something you should not miss. It’s not suitable for children but the story will keep you entertained. All the characters have their own interesting quirks and it has been made very intellectually.

The journey to the martial peak is lonely and harsh. High Heavens Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest way possible and one day, a sweeper yang kai manages to get a black book which will lead him to greatness. This manhua may have a very cliché starting but its story is also one of a kind. Yang Kai has his own hidden talents and backgrounds which are perfectly depicted as his power grows. The manhua is not very humorous but very interesting which will keep you hooked to it.

This is actually a sequel to Battle Through the Heavens and Martial Arts Movement. Battle Through the Heaven was legendary and a classic in its genre. The Great Ruler finally connects their universes is actually better than its predecessors. Unlike the cliché where a weakling is luck enough to gets an object which helps him get stronger, Mu Chen gets through all difficulties with his own luck and talents. His luck is quite good to make the right contacts at the right time, but he uses them very efficiently through his own understanding. The best part of this novel is the Universe it has made, the Great Thousand world is actually very interesting and beautifully made.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King
One of my favorites is more of a webcomic than a manhua but it is worth mentioning on this list. One of its kind, the protagonist Wang Lin is the most powerful being in the world from the start of the series. He tries to live a normal life but always ends up saving someone secretly. It is very hilarious with instances that well not many people will use in manhuas nowadays. For example, when he was just a kid, he saved the world from the demon king by just kicking him so that he could get the crispy noodle snacks packet the demon king had stepped on. Now Wang Lin is so strong that he has to wear a special charm so that he accidentally doesn’t destroy the world. His cultivation realm keeps on increasing with his age and he is the only person in the universe who has mastered all the 3000 heavenly do spells. Such a being tries to live a low-key life at school, something has to go wrong obviously.

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