Who doesn’t like heroes, they are strong, brave, and stand for justice. But some villains are more famous than their hero counterparts. They are cool, lead a very wild, secret lairs and blow stuff up. Here are the 5 greatest comic book villains of all time who won our hearts-

I am not talking about him as Green Goblin, Norman Osborn himself is actually Spider-Man’s greatest enemy. His own personality is quite ambitious, ruthless, and cunning. The Green Goblin can be said to be only a persona of his, he himself is more dangerous than the Green Goblin could be. The Green Goblin might be responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death, but it is later revealed that before her death, she was seduced by Norman and was pregnant with twins. He was responsible for the creation of the so-called Dark Avengers and made SHIELD into the malevolent HAMMER. He continues to terrorize the Marvel Universe even today.

Lex Luthor is Superman’s greatest foe. He is one of the most intelligent men to have ever existed in the DC Universe. He is obsessed with defeating superman and despite having no powers has caused enormous pain to Superman through his schemes. Some of his famous schemes are Metallo, Bizzaro, the Orange Power Ring, and making superman the enemy of the state. He has been the President of the United States for some time and has used his status as a billionaire genius to bring quite a few superhumans under him. Despite his villainous nature, he is quite charming and has even helped superman during times when he was on the verge of defeat. Lex Luthor believes no one should defeat superman other than him.

Sometimes it’s hard to see Magneto as a villain, he is just a dude who wants a place for his kind to live peacefully. It’s his “the end justifies the means” policy that has brought him in conflict with the X-Men. Magneto, different from the other villains in this list, is loved for the impact he had on the readers. He is just a bit away from the line that differentiates Villains and Heroes and his emotions are sort of relatable to a lot of people. Quite a few times you will find yourself rooting for him rather than his hero counterparts but due to his vicious temper, he has done a lot of outright villainy, for example, he once used his EMP powers to knock out Earth’s electricity for trying to stop him from using his powers, he then also tore Out Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton.

Doom is undoubtedly one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe. He started as an enemy for the fantastic 4 but later became a major foe for the Avengers. His intellect is said to be on par with Tony Stark and Reed Richards and is obsessed with proving his mind’s superiority to everyone else in the universe. He is a technological genius as well as an expert sorcerer who can match DR. Strange. He took over his home country Latveria and became its monarch.

The Joker is undoubtedly the greatest comic book villain of all time. You can’t help loving everything about him, his appearance as a clown, his twisted personality, and his unpredictability. Unlike other villains, the joker has no goal, he just wants to create mayhem a torture Batman. He is cruel, ruthless, obsessed, cunning, manipulative, does not care about his own safety and I could go on and on about him. In short, he is insane, other villains don’t call him to their teams and societies because they are scared of him. The biggest thing is, the joker doesn’t have any notable powers other than his insanity and cleverness. He is slightly more enhanced in terms of strength, speed, and resilience than ordinary humans and is immune to most toxins but the reason he is a pain to everyone is because of his insanity. No hero other than Batman can handle him.

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