5 credible Online Courses that will make your CV shine

With the increased competition in the market today, it’s almost impossible to avoid the innovation and experience that is being hunted by the employers in each CV. Every employer is searching for a professional who has mastered a different skill that will prove to be an asset to their organization and help their company outgrow all others. Currently, there are a host of courses available that make your CV shine bright. But these 5 credible online courses break barriers and give you the desired edge over others.

1. Strategy

Online Courses

Adwords and advertising are two essential topics that are highly demanded in businesses for their growth and development. Google Analytics Academy is one such online course provider in a strategy that will provide you free comprehensive training. They also offer certificates. For beginners and advanced users who want to learn analytics, this is the best platform! 

2. Technology 

Online Courses

General Assembly’s Dash is an extensive online course provider in various technological languages like HTML, CSS and the basics of coding. This can prove to be an incredible addition to any CV and can boost the resume in one attempt. WordPress Academy is another good course provider in the same sector in case you are looking for a backup option. 

3. Creative

Design projects require colour coding in numbers. Many businesses thus highly desire a professional who can provide this skill. RMIT University’s, The Art of Photography is a well-established organization that allows learners to furbish their photography skills and add them to their skillset. At the end of the course competition, certificates will be provided to showcase your mastered editing skills. 

4. Marketing 

One of the most important skills required in any company, a marketing course can help you fill your CV with the right information. Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Certification is an extremely popular organization in this field that prepares its trainers with strict SEO knowledge and other basics of digital world. 

5. Others

While the four fields mentioned above are fundamental, there’s no upper end to learning. Other courses like a quick training in spreadsheet tools, excel and various formulas used to access them conveniently are some of the other things that will add another star in your CV. Coursera is an impeccable online course provider that enlists various free courses of different fields for all the learners out there!

Now, what are you waiting for? Hurry, rush to these platforms and signup for the course that suits you the best. Remember, there’s no footing for averages in this competitive world!

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