5 common reasons your interviewer is saying ‘NO’ to you

Have you been rejected by your interviewer regularly? Not once, not twice but multiple times? Well, apart from the disappointment the self-doubt is killing.  

Thus, it is extremely essential to dive into the crux of the matter and find out, why you are being rejected as a candidate for companies so often by an interviewer

Here are 5 common reasons that are making this happen!

1. Inappropriate sense of dressing

Aside from the usual skillsets and experience, your sense of dressing in an interview plays a crucial role in your selection. As the age-old paraphrase goes ‘The first impression is the last impression’ – make sure it’s worth it. Formal, neat and clean and ironed clothes along with well-polished shoes are an ideal interview-uniform. However, if you wish to experiment, make sure it’s neither ‘too much’ nor ‘too little’.

2. ‘Not-so-happening’ social media presence

Since social media has become such an important part of everyday life, it is advisable to delete posts that reflect any kind of unprofessionalism before you appear for your interview.

3. Lack of confidence

Every interviewer desires a candidate who can win hearts with its confidence and create a lasting impression. Those who fail to live up to this expectation are usually left behind. So, the next time you walk through that door, keep your chin up!

4. Late application or missed deadlines

Amidst thousands of candidates who apply for the post, it becomes extremely tedious for interviewers to consider late applications or people who have missed deadlines. Moreover, the vacancy is mostly filled by that time.

5. Underqualified for the job

In case, your job experience or skillsets prove that you aren’t as experienced for the job, you might be the last person to be selected.

Remember these 5 common reasons of rejection by interviewers if you want to make a difference!

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