5 Apps that Will Keep You Engaged

Stop scrolling through the same Instagram feed again and again throughout the day. Apps Checking your WhatsApp continuously would not get you any new messages! We all waste a lot of time on unproductive things then why not invest our energy into something meaningful? We have listed 5 apps that you can try in order to make the best use of your spare time!

This app would be useful for everyone as staying restricted in our homes has completely unbalanced our routines. This app would give you the assurance that all your tasks are organized and accounted for. Todoist would aid you to prioritize your work and limit the excessive time that you spend on devices nowadays. You can also set certain goals and view your productivity trends!

CamScanner is an app that converts your device into a high-resolution scanner. Due to the pandemic, everyone is restricting themselves to go out, and hence this is the perfect app for scanning if you don’t have a scanner at home. It also helps you to crop out the edges and is in high demand amongst students and for office purposes. So, download this app, scan, and share it with full convenience!

My Fitness Pal
Becoming a couch potato while sitting at home? Download the My Fitness Pal app in order to track your diet. It is quite indispensable to maintain a healthy body and thus this app would help you to eat healthily and exercise daily. It is rightly said, “Health is Wealth.”

Do you have a creative mind and ideas keep emerging? This is the perfect app for taking notes and sharing them with ease. It helps you to collaborate with your team, stay organized, and keep a note of everything.

Sleep as Android
Due to the busy routine, our sleeping patterns are completely deformed which usually leads to fatigue and inefficiency. This app helps to manage your sleep cycles and helps to wake up all fresh and reinvigorated. It even includes lullabies of natural sounds in order to make you sleep fast.

Sleep as Android is quite distinct from the rest of the alarm apps and would definitely provide your pleasant mornings!

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