Five Air India Pilots Test Positive for Coronavirus

Five Air India pilots who had recently operated a cargo flight to Guangzhou have tested positive for COVID-19. Air India has not stopped operating cargo flights to destinations abroad, including medical supply flights to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the aforementioned Guangzhou.


Five Air India Pilots Test Positive for Coronavirus, As a precaution, the airline crew undergoes a swab test for COVID-19 before and after they operate a flight, post which they await their results at a hotel. They also have full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). However, flights often have layovers in COVID hotspots like New York, London, etc. Air India also claims to have been trying its best to ensure the crew is safe and healthy, by making all-encompassing arrangements for room and board abroad to prevent the need for intra-city travel. No statement has been made by the airline as of yet, but the incident does make the need for stronger Standard Operating Guidelines for international travel clear as daylight and also raises questions as to whether civilians should be allowed to fly commercially anytime soon.

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