4 Leaders who are creating a Revolution in the Modern World

Contemporary politics has become more entertaining than ever with the launch of four thunderous leaders whose impacts can be felt in every region across the globe. Today, these 4 leaders are creating a buzz everywhere and their fans seem to be surpassing the fans of celebrities. Interesting, isn’t it? 

If you’ve just entered into the world of politics, you might be wondering why are we so keen to speak about them instead of Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise? Stay tuned because, by the time you arrive at the end, you’ll be glued to your seat. Are you ready?

Why are we hooked to modern politicians?

The 4 leaders and modern politicians, Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, American President- Donald Trump, Russian President- Vladimir Putin and the King of Saudi Arabia have together become a lethal combination as their rule have transformed the perceptions about modern politics. 

1. Narendra Modi – You can love him, hate him, but you can’t ignore him. 

Modi is not just a name, it’s a wave of change in the Indian government, it’s a standalone face of Indian ministry show. Since the dawn of his government, there’s not one single person in the entire Indian economy who is not aware of his bold moves! 

Narendra Modi - 4 Leaders

Whether it is his charismatic aura or his hypnotic power of public speech or his daring strength which compels leaders around the world to praise his acts persistently, our Indian Prime Minister is a Machiavellian leader. 

During his reign, Modi has reflected extreme audaciousness by making some big shifts that no other Indian government could dare to do. 

Starting from demonetization where he made amendments in the Indian currency to beat the brutality of corruption to altering Article 370 which turns Jammu & Kashmir into a Union Territory, Modi’s unabashed decisions have led to some grave changes in India. 

Today, Modi enjoys a striking position as a historic Prime Minister who will be remembered for his unshaken democratic views and vigorous choices. 

2. Donal Trump – He is said to be America’s most controversial president. 

Donald Trump’s reign as America’s president has been a ride with loaded conjectures. Ever since he was elected for the presidency here, Trump has taken several shaking decisions that have led America’s economy to what it is today. 

Donald Trump - 4 Leaders

During his election, Trump was accused of providing several false and misleading statements. This is the reason why his presidency in America was highly condemned and innumerable protests were called upon. But this was only a starter-pack for all the controversies that were to arise. Later, many of his actions and comments have been declared as racially unethical. 

Despite this controversial aura, Trump has done some great things during his reign that are hard to avoid. Whether it was declaring denuclearization to say ‘NO’ to nuclear weapons with North-Korea or manage foreign relations kindly, especially with India, he is leading the nation towards a glorifying tomorrow. 

3. Vladimir Putin – Elected for the third time in a row! 

Putin’s news has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. But his third presidential term did shake the nation by its thighs. Although Putin hasn’t exactly been in the good books of Russia forever, some people still tend to value his presidential actions due to the improvements in Russia’s economy during his first presidential reign. 

Vladimir Putin

During his first presidential term, Putin was severely criticized for mishandling the attacks of Kursk Submarine disaster where all 118 personnel were killed on August 12, 2000. Somehow, Putin managed to fall out of this controversy and did his best to improve the economic conditions, especially for the poor. 

His third presidential reign which started from September 2011 was the most controversial amidst the lot. During this time, several anti-Putin campaigns were launched, calling him a fraud for being re-elected as the president for the third time in a row. 

4. Md. Bin Salman – The first to visualize women as equals. 

Amidst all the other governments, Md. Bin Salman has been leading in the making of women empowerment in Saudi Arabia. The unfair treatment for women and the destitution of basic right for them in Saudi Arabia has recently come to light. 

Md Bin Salman

Ever since he has been crowned as the Prince of Saudi Arabia, he has taken several measures to eradicate this injustice behavior against women. He lifted guards from various inhumane laws against women – permitting them to drive, travel without a male guardian’s permission, the ability to vote, access to basic rights like education and healthcare and several others. 

No wonder, his reign is so well celebrated across Saudi Arabia luminously. 

Although these 4 leaders are under exceptional conjecture for years, their undivided aura and inspiring strength have altered the definition of politics from boring to beaming. 

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