4 Bollywood Actresses Who’d Become Great Disney Princesses

We all are suckers for two things – Bollywood and Disney! All of us have spent our childhood sitting in front of our television sets watching the heart-melting stories unfold – be it Cinderella and her prince-charming finding eternal love or Jasmine and Aladdin fighting against all odds to keep their forbidden love alive. 

Over the years, Bollywood has also delivered some timeless romantic classics like DDLJ and KKHH. These movies have not only turned us into hopeless romantics but have also set high, possibly unattainable, standards for our one-and-only. 

Casting Bollywood into Disneyland!

Here are our top 4 Bollywood actresses in the roles we’d like them to play:

  1. Sara Ali Khan as Belle

Belle is an unconventional and passionate woman, much like Sara as evident from many of her interviews. The flawless beauty and ethereal courage of the Pautaudi daughter will transform the beast into a prince just like Belle did!


With Disney making an effort to turn their evergreen animated stories into live-action films, we Bollywood junkies can only hope that they cast some of our very own princesses in these iconic roles. Whilst combining both of our favourites, this imaginary roleplay made us bittersweet – the happy ending of the lovestruck couples and the meager possibility of finding them in real life!

In fact, recently, Sara was spotted in a white dress during the IIFA awards that just made our dream casting turn into reality. She was looking like a real-life princess walking down the red carpet. I don’t think we need more convincing to finalize that this young star-kid is a perfect fit for playing the role of the ‘beauty.’

  • Alia Bhatt as Ariel

Ariel leaves no stone unturned to get what she wants. She is talented, bold and quirky; who gave up her voice to get legs and chase the man she saved in the sea. All throughout the story, Ariel has been displayed as a rebellious princess who would rather live life on her own terms.


This list of personality traits is a perfect match to one of the most talented actresses of this generation, Alia Bhatt. Coincidentally, her on-screen characters have also been very much alike. If you don’t believe me, go and watch ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’!

Bonus: Both of them have a beautiful voice.

3. Ananya Pandey as Moana

Moana is the newest addition to Disney’s prestigious list of princesses. She is displayed as a strong-willed character who is not afraid to chase what she wants. Moana’s story is a breeze of fresh air as she is not a pretty princess waiting for her knight in shining armour to come and fight the battles for her. She is adept at doing that, all by herself. Her sarcasm and witty words show that she is not shy, or afraid of public opinion. 


Our very own newbie, Ananya Pandey the daughter of Chunky Pandey can justify this character on the big screens as she looks nothing less than a princess herself; and is pretty badass too.

  • Shraddha Kapoor as Snow White

As described by her stepmother’s Magic Mirror, Snow White has “hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow,” – she is perhaps one of the most beautiful and most popular of all the Disney Princesses. 


Shraddha Kapoor with her glowing skin and magnificent aura best fits the description of Snow White. The inherent kindness and purity of the character resembles Shraddha Kapoor’s innocence. Pretty sure, she will create magic as the ‘fairest of them all’! However, the bigger question is who would play the seven dwarves? 😛

Disney has been an invincible part of our childhood, and the mere imagination of Bollywood walking in Disney characters’ makes our hearts skip a beat!

Let’s hope some of these actually come true. 

If you have your own roleplay amidst your favourite Disney characters and Bollywood Divas. Don’t shy away to let us know in the comments below.

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