When it comes to superheroes there are two names that come to our mind, marvel and D.C. Both of them have created a very contrasting universe. The DC universe is famous for its dark storylines and villains. Even though most people now days think that the marvel universe is better solely based on the marvel cinematic universe, powerful DC has always killed it with its comics which are deep and indulge the reader completely even on a personal level. So here are the 3 most powerful villains the DC universe has produced.

JOKER- Joker is by far the best villain produced by the DC universe and is also one of the best villains any comic book has produced. Joker does not have a faced origin story because of the amount of time the character has been present in the DC universe but the way by which he got that weird smile, red lips, and green hair is widely accepted but most fans. The joker is an evil maniac who lost his brain powerful when he emerged from a vat of chemicals which made him mad. The joker is one of the menacing villains that ever-threatened Gotham and is a man who kills just because he finds it fun which made him the arch enemy of batman. The joker has a wide range of powers like immortality, the ability to never get poisoned, and the ability to make others like him using a venom which is called the joker venom. The joker is a kind of man who can manipulate anyone and has once even made batman go insane by killing everyone close to him. No doubt joker is the powerful most well-thought villain DC ever produced.

Lex Luthor- Lex Luthor is also one of the early dc creations. Lex Luthor is a power-hungry man who has a lot of hatred for his arch-enemy- superman which is due to his fear that superman is the only person in the world that can destroy his plan of world domination. Luthor like joker has no enhanced physical abilities but has one power that is the power of money and intelligence. Lex Luthor powerful has used the power of money to hide the crimes which he has been committing for years and uses his intelligence to hatch plans to kill superman. He has many weapons like the kryptonite, which is the weakness of superman and also has a battle suit which he made specifically for hand to hand combat with superman. Lex Luthor is said to be the most intelligent man in the DC universe which definitely can be seen by his conquests in the comic books.

DARKSEID- Darkseid is one of the new villains in the DC universe and came way after joker and Lex Luthor but is the fiercest and powerful villain in DC. Darkseid is not from earth. He is from the planet Apokolips and was once the prince of uxas but after the death of his wife by his mother’s hand he became the dark and twisted villain who wants to control the whole universe. Darkside has powers like he can shoot omega beams from his eyes and hands, he is capable of erasing complete living organisms from existence. He can even resurrect dead people using those same omega beams and can teleport through time and space, increase in size, has super speed so basically, he can do anything and everything which is why he is one of the most feared villains in the dc universe.

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