3 Heist That The Professor Wishes He’d Thought Of

Professor The primary reason why Money Heist made it so big, was that a part of us idolizes robbers. We wonder about the amount of planning and effort goes into heists; how rebellion leads to the coolest stories we’ve ever heard. So here are some of the most brilliant heists to have gone down in the history of mankind. I can bet you, that some point through this article, the Dhoom title track plays in your head.

  1. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist-

On St. Patrick’s Day 1990, The Isabella Stewart Professor Gardner Museum was robbed in about. In about 81 minutes, 13 invaluable works of art- Rembrandt, Manet, Degas, all went missing. The guard at the museum, The Boston Mafia, crime bosses, conmen, were all investigated Nobody knows who did it; nobody knows where the paintings went. Up till this day, the empty frames still hang in their places; in the hope that one day, the paintings will go up again.

  1. B. Cooper-
3-Heists-NewsORB360 Professor

On Thanksgiving eve 1971, a man named Dan Cooper bought a one-way ticket on Flight 305, from Portland to Seattle. Shortly after take-off he claimed to have a bomb and showed it to an air hostess as proof. He demanded $200,000, parachutes, and fuel for when the aircraft lands. Cooper got what he wanted and later that evening, the plane took off again, with the pilot, co-pilot, a flight attendant, a flight attendant, and Cooper. Those on the flight claim that about 20 minutes later, the aft door was opened. They supported this with the fact that while they were in the cockpit, there was a substantial drop in air pressure inside the plane. When the flight landed in Reno, Cooper was not on the flight anymore. 40 years later, and the FBI still hasn’t been able to figure out exactly where Cooper jumped, or where he went.

  1. Thomas Blood-
3-Heists-NewsORB360 Professor

In 1671, Thomas Blood visited The Tower of London, dressed as a person with his fake wife. They acquainted themselves with the jewel keeper and over the next few days, blood kept visiting him. As he got closer to the Edwards (jewel keeper’s family), he proposed the marriage of his fictitious nephew to their daughter. On 9th May, Blood convinced Edwards to show him, his ‘nephew’, and his friends the crown jewels. On entering the jewel house, Edwards Professor was attacked; a cloak thrown on him and a mallet to the head. They were almost successful with the heist, but got caught while escaping. King Charles, on hearing this news, was so impressed that he let Blood live and gave him land in Ireland.

It goes without saying, that heists like these are nothing short of works of art and they let us live vicariously, a life of adventure and thrill that we’re too ‘law-abiding’ to pull off.

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