There are always two sides of the same coin and it depends on our perspective as to which side we choose to see. The COVID-19 pandemic, alongwith a lot of bad things, brought several good things to us as well. In this article, we will do a comparative study of the pros and cons of the pandemic that has made its way to the society.

COVID-19 GoodCOVID-19 Bad
Working from home has enhanced family time.Even while staying home, not enough time is possible for the family due to work-life imbalance.
Promotion of virtual learning via online classes and such technology.Teachers in virtual classes are being ridiculed and maliciously harassed as they struggle to adjust with technology.
Parents are getting more time to spend with their children.There has been a drastic increase in reported child abuse cases.
People of India have righteously raised their voice in support of Black Lives Matter movement.The same people have turned a blind eye towards the migrant worker crisis in their domestic nation.
A dip in pollution and improving AQI has given us the cleanest air in years.Staying indoors and wearing masks mandatorily in public is preventing us from enjoying the fresh air.
Number men actively participating in household chores have increased.There has been a spike in reported domestic abuse cases.
The waters of Ganga and Yamuna are the cleanest during this lock-down due to lack of human intervention.Reportedly, there are more masks in the ocean than jellyfish and possibly they are choking the marine life.
We have harvested increased respect for our domestic helpers.Thousands of domestic helpers have lost their jobs during the lockdown and they have no source of stable income.
We have newfound respect for healthcare workers who risk their lives to keep us and our loved ones, safe.There have been a number of violent attacks and ostracizing of medical professionals who went beyond their designated duties to save lives. Several frontline workers haven’t received their salaries.
We are maintaining cleanliness and being cautious about hygiene.We are wasting too much water.
Locking up of humans has helped animals reclaim their well deserved public spaces.Poaching has doubled during lockdown animal cruelty cases have increased.
There has been a comparative dip of sexism at workplaces due to restricted “bro culture” while working from home.Women have increased pressure of single-handedly managing household chores, responsibilities of child-care and working from home.
Finally arrangement of “shramik special” trains for migrants to go home.Surged prices being charged from migrants who have exhausted their savings in lockdown and have no income.
Awareness programs regarding mental health.Influencers misleading their role with professional psychiatrists and misleading followers.
Checking up on friends and family online.Not being able to physically connect.
Building community spirit by clapping and lighting diyas.Risking lives by breaking distancing norms for religious and marriage ceremonies.
Giving up on addictions- smoking, drinking etc.Unhealthy lifestyle due to odd sleeping and eating routines.

Positivity in crisis is the only means for health and survival!

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