STATES As India is nearing the 30,000 mark inactive COVID-19 cases, it’s also preparing for the graded opening of various sectors after May 3. The decision to reopen or extent lockdown in the Indian states will be taken based on next week’s observations. Kerala has led the battle among states with 100+ patients STATES and more states are joining in. Kerala currently has the lowest daily average increase in the number of patients. As India’s national average stands at 7.8%, cases in 13 states are growing at an average lesser than the national average and four states are exceeding it.

Significant-deccline-in-COVID-19-cases-NewsORB360 STATES


The recovery rate of India being 88.1% is higher than the five worst-hit countries i.e. Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the USA. Among countries STATES with similar levels of cases, Switzerland’s recovery rate is 93.1% and Peru’s is at 91.7%. Portugal stands at 59.5%.

In India, Kerala has the highest recovery rate of 98.8% and Gujarat has the lowest at 67.5%.

Significant-deccline-in-COVID-19-cases-NewsORB360 STATES

The worst-hit urban centers of India records for more than 16,000 cases with the National Capital Delhi accounting for 2918 and the financial capital Mumbai accounting for 5407 cases. Though the rate of infection in India is considerably high as STATES compared to countries of a similar standing, the fatality rate in India is noticeably low.

If the infection spread in India continues at the current rate of 7.8%, the number of positive COVID-19 cases would increase to 47,186 by May 3.

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