Bored out of your mind? Need something to distract yourself and make this long lockdown bearable? Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime may be the answer to all your boredom. Check out these 10 series ranging from thriller, romance to historical drama, and decide on what to watch!

Money Heist- This Spanish series is a crime thriller that will keep you hooked onto its storyline and characters and saying goodbye to some of the characters will prove difficult for sure. As the title suggests, Money Heist is about a heist orchestrated by “Professor” who is resolved to fight against Capitalism. Directed by Álex Pina, the series has 4 seasons so far, while we keenly await the fifth. This series is perfect for the Netflix marathon and will keep boredom away.

Game of Thrones- Only a very few haven’t watched this 2011 drama. But if you’re one of them, or if you want to re-watch this fantasy drama of dragons, swords, blood, and one throne, this is the perfect time to do so. With long days stretched ahead of us, Game of Thrones is the perfect series to get over the mundanity with.

Peaky Blinders- Sucker for British life in the 1910s? Peaky Blinders is the deal for you. Based on a real gang of Birmingham in the early 20th Century, this series lockdown is an amalgamation of brotherhood, gunpowder, horses, and racy romance.

Breaking Bad- Life takes another meaning for Walter White, a chemistry teacher when he indulges in meth-making business to pay off medical debt. Lockdown Another gem in the genre of crime thriller, this series is a must-watch to get over boredom.

Elite- This is another Spanish series that acquired acclamation all over the world and has been trending in Netflix for a while now. It is a thriller teen drama that has had a broad base of audience since it’s release in 2018. Revolving around the lives of teens in an elite school and an unexpected murder, this series is sure to capture your undivided attention.

Naruto- Anime lovers out there, we got you covered too! Based on a very famous manga by Masashi Kishimoto, this Anime series is perfect for those manga heads who love to see their favorite characters in motion. Stretched over several volumes and seasons the entire series has over 700 episodes that is ought to kick the boredom out of the lockdown in a jiffy.

The Crown- If you’re not into romance or thriller and want a way to deal with the disappointment that 2020 has turned out to be, The Crown might be it for you. Historical drama that encaptures the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Based on Peter Morgan’s play, The Audience, the series is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Sex Education- This series is everything that should be taught to a struggling teen that most schools avoid teaching. And in some countries like India, the word sex itself is a taboo. If there is any doubt about the hushed word, watch this to entertain and enlighten yourself. Although we only have two seasons of this brilliant series so far, it’s worth the wait. This comedy-drama is a fresh introduction to this genre and is already among the favorites for many.

Legacies- If vampires, witches, and werewolves have always intrigued you, this is what you must watch this summer. Although it’s one of the spin-offs from The Vampire Diaries which has its own fan base, this series is even better than the original thanks to the Hogwarts vibe to it.

You– What would you do for love? You might have a different answer to this question after watching this psychological thriller. Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, and a genius is enamored with a customer Beck, and the extent of his casual crush will shock the audience. This journey of Joe is twisted where you don’t want to be him but cannot help empathizing with him either. A thriller in its true sense, this 2018 series is a must-watch.

Make sure to stay positive and upbeat during these trying times and add some spice to your life with the aforementioned series’!

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